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Susana Panadés Diaz

Steak House (2005), Double Deux (2006), Text To Speech (2008), Black Swan (2009), Le Chaînon Manquant - The Missing Link (2010), A+B=X (Role reprisal 2010), Spider Galaxies (2011), Shaker Loops (2012), QUANTUM (2013)

Born in Barcelona in 1976, Susana Panadés Diaz studied Classical and contemporary dance at the Institut del teatre de Barcelona, before entering the P.A.R.T.S. program in 1995 in Brussels under the direction of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. Since 1999 she has participate as a performer in the following creations: Incandescencia by Claudio Bernardo (Charleroi Danse, Brussels) Ich gee sitze liege liege in 2001 and Here and now in 2004 by Bettina Holzhausen in Zurich. She joinned the company of Catarina Sagna in 2001 for the creation Sorelline (Venice). From 1999 to 2004 worked as a performer for the Fabienne Berger Company in Lausanne in the creations Azur Blues , Natal, Ocèane Lili et Avril en mai. Also collaborated in many other projects of improvisation.

Since 2004 she has worked with Gilles Jobin as a performer on Steak House (2005), Double Deux (2006) Text to Speech (2008), Black Swan (2009), the missing link (2010), Spider Galaxies, Shaker Loops (2011) Quantum (2013) and in the duo with Gilles Jobin, Força Forte (2015). She was part of the cast of the rebuilding of the pieces The Moebius Strip (2007) and A+B=X (2010). She also collaborates with the company as a multimedia manager and artistic assistant.

Besides the work with the company and together with Rudi van der Merwe they created I’d like to save the world but i’m too busy saving myself (2009). In 2012, she created S.P.A.C.E. in collaboration with South-African choreographers Thami Manekehla and Thabiso Pule, performed with the original music score by Oscar Martin and Fernando de Miguel at La Bâtie festival in Geneva. In 2014 performed Trophee by Rudi van der Merwe, for the Festival Antigel.