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Clive Jenkins

Composer / Sound engineer - A+B=X (1997), Braindance (1999), The Moebius Strip (2001), Under Construction (2002), TWO-THOUSAND-AND-THREE (2003), Steak House (2005), Double Deux (2006), Moebius Kids (2007)

Clive Jenkins trained as sound engineer in London. He’s a multi instrumentist and an authentic « trail blazer » who can’t never get enough of sounds. Clive is passionate about the so-called electronic music and creates his first recording studio in 1990, Vic20. He rapidly got known as DJ, producer and organiser of several techno house events for labels based in Paris, Berlin, London or Geneva.

At the same time he creates some labels, Paparazzi and Dive, both of them based in Geneva, as well as developing sound tracks for cinema, TV and theatre. He also collaborates with the Gruppo Massimo for video & sound installations in different art galleries.

His improviser skills, his musical talent and his knowledge in sound engineering make of him an inestimable collaborator for choreographers: he will collaborate with the Maurice Béjart ballets, Estelle Héritier and La Ribot, among others.

A renowned artist, Clive has been Gilles Jobin’s sound engineer since 1999 when he worked in real time on the sound and organic textures composed by Franz Treichler. In 2003 Clive Jenkins gets into the creation process: he’s the co-author of the music for Gilles Jobin’s creation TWO-THOUSAND-AND THREE, piece for 21 dancers of the "Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève", created in September 2003 during the Festival de la Bâtie in Geneva. In 2007, he creates the music of The Moebius Kids.