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QUANTUM (2013)


Creation from 23rd to 29th of September 2013, CERN CMS Experiment

This piece for six dancers inspired by his Collide@CERN-Geneva residency at CERN involves collaborative work with German artist Julius von Bismarck, Ars Electronica Prize Collide@CERN 2012 and also former resident in that institution. Thanks to this collaboration, QUANTUM is supported by Fondation d’entreprise Hermès’ New Settings program for the performing arts. The original music has been composed by Carla Scaletti incorporating real data from the LHC. The costumes have been created by Belgian fashion designer and visual artist Jean-Paul Lespagnard.

Choreography Gilles Jobin
Dance Catarina Barbosa/Stéphanie Bayle (Cast2), Ruth Childs, Susana Panadés Díaz, Martin Roerhich/Bruno Cezario (Cast2), Stanislas Charré, Denis Terrasse/ Adriano Coletta (Cast 2)
Lumino-kinetic installation Julius von Bismarck
Engineer Martin Schied
Music Carla Scaletti
Sound and stage manager Marie Predour
Costumes Jean-Paul Lespagnard assisted by Léa Capisano
Scientific advisors Michael Doser, Nicolas Chanon (CERN physicists)

Production Cie Gilles Jobin - Geneva 

Administration Mélanie Rouquier
Technical Direction Marie Predour

With the support of Fondation d’entreprise Hermès / New Settings program, Loterie Romande, Fondation Meyrinoise du Casino, Fondation Leenaards, Fondation Ernst Göhner, Fonds d’encouragement à l’emploi des intermittents genevois
In collaboration with Collide@CERN, Théâtre Forum Meyrin, CMS Experiment
Supports for 2014 touring swissnex San Francisco, swissnex Brazil, swissando, Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco, Swiss Embassy in Chile, Goethe-Institut San Francisco, Goethe-Institut São Paulo, Corodis-Loterie Romande, Fonds d’encouragement à l’emploi des intermittents genevois, Mondo Voyages

Gilles Jobin and Julius von Bismarck have both been awarded Collide@CERN 2012 prizes
QUANTUM is developed out of the Collide@CERN artists residencies
Julius von Bismarck’s installation Versus unter Kreisen has been developed out of the Ars Electronica Collide@CERN artist residency and was exhibited for the first time at Festival Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, in September 2012
QUANTUM is part of events celebrating in 2014 CERN’s 60th anniversary

Cie Gilles Jobin is supported by the City of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council
Gilles Jobin is associated artist at Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy, France

QUANTUM is the result of an artistic residency in the largest particle physics laboratory in the world: CERN in Geneva. During his residency at CERN, Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin learnt that we were all but stardust floating in space, that gravity was the weakest force in the universe–a real shock for a contemporary dancer whose work often focuses on contact with the ground–and got to meet the rising star of visual arts, German artist Julius von Bismarck.

Under the flag of the Higgs boson, their encounter was a high-energy artistic collision indeed. Artists in the midst of scientists, the choreographer and the visual artist eagerly immersed themselves into a universe of numbers and abstractions for several months before going back to Berlin and Geneva respectively to continue working on the highly sophisticated QUANTUM–an ode to particle physics for six dancers–and finally joining up to combine their respective work in situ.

For New Settings, supporting the artists on this journey was an exhilarating experience. Both faced the same challenge of injecting physicality into abstraction, the choreographer who related his own vision of movement to the physicists’ principle of ‘deconstruct-and-scale’ and the visual artist who, with the help of renowned researchers at CERN, devised an impressive light-activated sculpture.

Consisting of four lamps swinging in a constant circular motion, the installation highlights the main laws of physics and responds to imperceptible fluctuations resulting from some meticulous programming that follows the choreography; the lamps and the dancers delving into the mysteries of antimatter, and the mix of visual and choreographic arts succeeding wonderfully in dressing the laws of physics in a veil of beauty.

Brigitte Jais for The Hermès Foundation (Fondation d’entreprise Hermès)