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  • GILLES JOBIN AT THE ARTISTS’ SALON - NEW-YORK Gilles Jobin will be at the Artists' Salon 2016 - New-York 13 & 16 January Artists' Salon, Meet Artists from the French, Italian and Swiss Contemporary Scene. Structured as a series of...  lire
  • SWISS GRAND AWARD FOR DANCE 2015 Gilles Jobin receives the Swiss Grand Award for Dance 2015 ! Gilles Jobin, choreographer and head of the eponymous company in Geneva, receives this year's Swiss Grand Award for Dance for his...  lire
  • TOUR QUANTUM continues its tour at Pôle Sud in Strasbourg on 26 et 27 January. Before the shows, Gilles Jobin accompanied with the physicist Nicolas Chanon will propose a conference Introduction in the...  lire
  • 3D FILM WOMB WOMB - a Choregrqphic Film in Stereoscopie In December Gilles Jobin shot his 3D movie WOMB, danced by Susana Panadés Diaz, Martin Roerich and Gilles Jobin, with the scenography of Sylvie Fleury,...  lire
  • NEW CREATION FORÇA FORTE, new creation for a duet - 2015 The new duo FORÇA FORTE with Gilles Jobin and the emblematic dancer of the company Susana Panadés Diaz will be presented on April,13th and 14th 2016 in...  lire