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Premiere 10 September 2003 BFM, Bâtie Festival of Geneva (Switzerland)
Commissionned work for 21 dancers for the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève

55 minutes

General direction Jean-Marie Blanchard
Ballet Director Philippe Cohen
Choreographer Gilles JOBIN
Dancers Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève
Musical director Franz TREICHLER
Composers Clive JENKINS, Franz TREICHLER et Cristian VOGEL
Lighting Daniel DEMONT
Costumes Karine VINTACHE
Assistant choreographer Christine BOMBAL
Dramaturg Jean-Pierre BONOMO

Co-production Grand Théâtre de Genève , BÂTIE Festival, Geneva, Switzerland

Gilles Jobin, speaking during a workshop in May 2003.

TWO-THOUSAND-AND-THREE is a new work for twenty-one bodies in which movement spreads like a disease. Split bodies, swapped torsos and dislocated limbs embody the scene of their inner chaos. Display of extreme activities, the soul seems to break away from the body itself. Separations and multiplications, divisions and reproductions shift in a world of dreamlike passions, fantasy and allegory, heaven and hell...

Working Process
With this piece I am interested in the multiplication of bodies. The work started with research with the dancers in the studio. Starting with the system of “organically organised movement”, a concept I had used in my two previous pieces, The Moebius Strip and Under Construction. There will not be readymade movements. However there will be rules and imposed limits forming the basis of work with the dancers. The aim will be to create a more complex and, paradoxically, freer working structure. We are already talking about an “organically disordered movement” or “order brought from chaos by exquisitely imperfect bodies”.