Tristan Siodlak – lead 3D artist

Tristan Siodlak has specialised in 3D modelling, virtual reality (VR) and everything that revolves around this medium. After a BA in Computer Graphics and 3D Animation at Ecole Bellecour (Lyon, France), he turned to video games and worked at Artefact Studio in Lyon and later at Kenzan Studio in Geneva for three years, where he worked on advertising projects, the creation of a video game level, augmented reality projects, renderings for architecture and VR projects in real time. For Gilles Jobin and in partnership with Artanim, Tristan Siodlak did the modelling, textures, lighting and rendering of all of VR_I’s sets and characters. He was also the lead 3D artist on VR_I (2017), Magic Window (2019), Real Time (2020) and La Comédie Virtuelle (2020).