Shaker Loops (2012)

Gilles Jobin

Preview November 6th 2011 at La Gaîté lyrique, Paris (France)
Premiere October 2nd 2012 at Bâtiment des Forces Motrices, Geneva (Switzerland) for the season opening of The Chamber Orchestra of Geneva


Shaker Loops, or the “extatic frenzy” of a minimal dance.

Listening to John Adams’s Shaker Loops, I was immediately struck by the power and the density of the score, its precision and its spiritual minimalism. The notes fill in the space restlessly, overlaying each other and creating an amazing spatial tension made of complex oscillations and hypnotic soundwaves. From start, it seemed obvious to propose a very written dance, precise and chiseled. Rather than composing choreographic sections, I decided to draw particularly complex danced sections from my repertoire. These dances taken out from their original creation are sublimed by John Adams’s music and exposed for what they are, oscillations and undulations.

Gilles Jobin, october 2011
Shaker Loops, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, 2011 © Grégory Batardon


Choreography Gilles Jobin
Dance Susana Panadés Díaz, Isabelle Rigat, Gilles Jobin
Light design Daniel Demont
Costume advisor Karine Vintache

Music Shaker Loops John Adams (1978) with The Chamber Orchestra of Geneva (L’OCG)
Direction David Greilsammer
Violin Mélik Kaptan
Violin Simone Roggen
Violin Ariel Bühler
Viola Nathalie Vandebeulque
Cello Pascal Michel
Cello Danila Ivanov
String bass Pierre-François Massy


Cie Gilles Jobin – Genève and L’OCG 


La Loterie Romande

Cie Gilles Jobin is supported by the City of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council

Gilles Jobin is associate artist at Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy


Théâtre Benno Besson – Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland)