Macrocosm (1999)

Gilles Jobin

Premiere 5 January 1999 The Place, London (UK)


Macrocosm deals with the different levels of perception of a situation when a body, due to exterior elements, becomes the centre of attention. The perception of the one who watches (audience), the one who acts on the body (manipulator) and the one who is the centre of attention (dancer) are totally different. Macrocosm includes these contrasting viewpoints and places those participants in a live situation where the facts are not just represented but experienced. Macrocosm is a 25- minute solo for Nuria de Ulibarri, with lights manipulated by the choreographer, who also mixes live music specially composed by Franz Treichler.

Macrocosm (1999)


Choreography and lighting Gilles Jobin
Music Franz Treichler
Dancers Nuria De Ulibarri, Gilles Jobin

An Artsadmin project
Production Parano Productions Lausanne


London Arts Board and Pro Helvetia, the Arts Council of Switzerland.