Préliminaires: Gilles Jobin, chorégraphe – documentary 26′ (V.O: Fr) (2009)

Black Swan


Préliminaires : Gilles Jobin, Chorégraphe is a 26 minutes documentary, directed by Luca de Luigi and Emmanuel Tagnard, broadcasted on September 24th 2009.

This documentary is about the internationally renowned choreographer Gilles Jobin and his company during the rehearsals of the piece Black Swan.
The black swan is an emblem of uncertainty in a world that no longer tolerates unpredictable events. How to share this idea only with the support of body movement?

Black Swan, copyright Thierry Burlot
Black Swan © Thierry Burlot


Directed by Luca de Luigi
Journalist Emmanuel Tagnard
Images Olivier Kunz, Pascal Gauss
Sound Eric Ghersinu, Christophe Giovannoni
Editing Robert Mabillard
Post-production Olivia Nicole 
Production assistant Anne Bouvrot

Choreography Gilles Jobin
Dancers Susana Panadès Diaz, Hildur Ottarsdottir,  Gilles Jobin, Gabor Varga
Music Cristian Vogel
Light design Daniel Demont 

Nicole Weyer, TSR
In collaboration with Bonlieu scène nationale, Annecy – France et la Cie Gilles Jobin, Genève – Suisse

Original version: French (without subtitles), 26 minutes, Color

Supported by Loterie Romande