Gonzague Bochud – Administrator

Born in 1974 in the Canton of Fribourg, a qualified economist, Gonzague Bochud first worked in the fields of training and IT for Swiss Post in Western Switzerland and then in Berne. While organising concerts and parties in clubs in the city of Fribourg, he discovered his passion for event planning and began his professional reconversion. He first took part in the organisation of the Pride Marches in Lausanne in 2006, then in Fribourg in 2007, 2013 and 2016. He also worked on the editorial board of the now defunct magazine Hétérographe and as administrator for the Swiss literary journal Vice-Versa. Bochud now works for two Geneva dance companies, La Ribot and Cie Gilles Jobin as administrator.

Article paru le June 3, 2020